Design Philosophy

We believe that buildings should be integral with their landscape and context and that successful architectural design is based on timeless architectural and urban design principles. We believe that excellent architecture derives from a sound understanding of historical, social and cultural context, material and technical appropriateness, and, innovation in concept, architectural language and detail.
As leaders of the design team, our approach to team work is to establish and maximize the inputs from all disciplines, integrating and responding to these in a holistic manner to achieve our primary objective of design excellence.


We are committed to achieving design solutions which respond appropriately to micro-climatic context and which adopt the use of low energy embodied materials, energy efficient services systems and low-energy construction techniques. We work with consultants specialized in environmentally sustainable design, enabling our architectural concepts to be informed by appropriate technological inputs.

Service to Clients

Design excellence is directly proportional to the degree to which the Client's needs are addressed and to the creation of an environment that is comfortable and stimulating. A high level of Client and End-user participation in briefing, agreeing spatial layouts, furniture layouts and services requirements is actively encouraged by the Practice in its approach to the design process, ensuring a fully integrated design and attention to detail, all tailored to the requirements of the End-users.