Private House Extension

No. 3 Morningside, Summerhill South, Cork

Alterations and additions to a 3 storey 19th Century terrace house (a Protected Structure). The rear of the terrace leads onto an existing mid-block communal open space.
This light-filled single storey infill replaces a smaller single storey annex (formerly a scullery) and inhabits half of the former backyard space of the house. The existing kitchen has been refurbished and has been opened onto the new dining room extension. The floor of the remainder of the back yard has been raised to provide a deck which is continuous with the dining room floor, thus providing a large entertainment area for use in suitable weather.
The extension has been designed to respect the integrity of the form of the rear of the terrace. In so doing, a subtle layering of space and form provides the new living spaces with privacy from and visual connectivity to the communal open space.